Many medical issues need to be treated as quickly as possible. You will never need an appointment to see us in an emergency – simply call or come directly to the practice.

This pertains especially to the following situations:

Severe wounds and abrasions
Broken bones, severe bruises or contusions
Acute respiratory, intestinal, kidney or liver conditions
Allergic reactions
Emergency visits are billed according to the Swiss TARMED medical rate tables.

Life threatening situations

In a life threatening situation (suspicion of heart attack, stroke, major artery bleeding, extreme difficulty breathing, visible broken bones) you should contact the following emergency services directly:

– Emergency rescue (ambulance) 144

– REGA (mountain rescue) 1414

Our team of physicians is certified by the Swiss Society for Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SGNOR). As a result, we also offer medical support during major events and open air festivals.

If you call us outside of office hours, for example in the middle of the night, our voice mail message will provide you the number of the appropriate cantonal medical service. This service can put you in contact with on-call doctors.